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Born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Angeles de Bastos was the eldest of four – with two brothers and one sister. 

Thereafter, her family relocated to Laredo, Texas, where Angeles was raised and attended Cigarroa High School.  She was in the “Top Ten” of her class.  She developed a love for competition.

“As a sophomore, I was the first female to win the state championship in the 800m race for Laredo.”

Angeles still maintains that title because no one has accomplished that since her win. One week after her victory, the mayor of Laredo declared May 16 as “Angeles Pantoja Day.”

After high school, Angeles graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology.  While obtaining her undergrad degree, she was a Spanish and Algebra tutor. She worked with student athletes as a tutor in Business Management and Spanish during the time she was getting her Master’s Degree.

“My full-time job during my college years was being a Student Athlete.  It is here where I learned perseverance, focus, discipline, responsibility and not giving up – even through the setbacks, pain and injuries of being an athlete. I often look back and think, how did I do it! However, I love flying through the finish line!”

 After college, Angeles worked as an assistant Vice President in an import/export company in Laredo, Texas. Thereafter, she relocated to Oklahoma and had her first two children. Five years ago she and her family moved to Florida, and her third son was born.

As a wife to a loving Argentinian and a mother of three active boys, Angeles rarely experiences “a dull moment.” 

Angeles is no stranger to relocation and the moving process.  She loves offering “excellent customer service” and helping people.  Real Estate was an organic career choice. It is important to her that clients trust her and refer their friends and family to her.

“Like sports, I always go the extra mile and am willing to work hard for my clients to lead them to their finish line.”

Angeles’ Run for the Finish Line —

  • Received a full scholarship to run Track and Field and was captain of her teams.
  • For ten years, held the 1000m run indoor record.
  • Represented Mexico in international meets.
  • Competed at Centroamerican Games, Panamerican Games, and World Championships.  
  • Inducted in the Hall of Fame in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
  • Created “Angeles Kids” which is a running/fitness program.
  • Head Coach for the Endurance Club.

When buyers’ agents see my name as the Listing Agent at the bottom of the MLS screen or printout, they “break their necks” to do business with me — because:

I answer my phone.

I follow up.

I arrive on time.

I show up early for showings and turn on the lights and make sure the home is presentable  — (how you show a home and how you live in a home are two different matters).

I upload documents to the MLS as attachments — such as:

  1. Owners’ Disclosure
  2. HOA/COA Addenda to Contract (A/B)
  3. Condo (Governance Forms)
  4. Lead-Based Paint Addendum (Pre-1978)
  5. Survey                                            
  6. Elevation Certificate
  7. Floor Plan or Blueprints
  8. (If folio starts with 30, Unincorporated Dade County Flood Rider) — as well as I upload HOA documents and/or Condo documents to dropbox and add a link to the attachments in MLS  —  so the potential Buyer can review and/or send to his/her attorney for review – All of the above documents (if applicable) are uploaded to MLS to make it easier for the Buyers’ Agent to  assemble the offer package. 

I want the Seller to achieve the best opportunities to receive the highest offers for consideration.

I present all offers fairly.

I present all offers timely.

I allow the buyer’s agent to present in person should (s)he feel the need to do so.

I attend the showings (if necessary and if the residence is not on lockbox).

I do not “solicit” the Buyers, and I respect the Buyers and the Buyers’ agents.

Other reasons:

I market the home according to the customized plan I have provided to you.

I request a copy of the Escrow Deposit Verification from the Buyers’ Agent/Escrow Agent to make

sure that the “deposit monies” (First, Second, Third …) by the Buyers have actually CLEARED the bank.

I attend the inspections.

I attend the walk-through.

I coordinate all transaction activities through/with the attorneys (if same have been hired).

I make sure the Seller does not have to clean the home once the Seller removes his possessions; I hire a

cleaning company and coordinate same with Seller and new Buyer.

I make sure all paperwork is turned in timely and all deadlines are met.

I communicate in the manner in which the Sellers desire.

I attend the Closing and attend to after-Closing needs of my clients.

I stay in touch with my clients should any needs arise regarding my services to them in the future.